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 Junior Moot Bank

THW refuse to allow countries with poor human rights records to host international sporting competitions

THBT the media should never report on celebrity information and photos that have been obtained by illegal means

THW ban alcohol companies from sponsoring sports events

THW prohibit corporations from targeting specific genders in the marketing and promotion of children's toys

THW require casinos to pay for the treatment of gambling addicts

THS parents spying on their kids’ internet use

THW arm teachers in the United States

THW criminally charge all people who leak classified information relating to national security or intelligence

THB the state should provide breakfast at school for every child

THW prevent parents raising their children in a singular faith

THW ban the advertising of dieting programmes and products

THW impose a gender quota in parliament

THB social media sites should not remove posts which may be deemed offensive to specific religions or genders

THW restrict the number of liquor outlets able to open in low socio-economic areas

THW prioritise state health care for those with healthy lifestyles

THW punish parents for their child’s truancy

THW make fines proportionate to an offenders income

THW prevent athletes under the age of 18 from competing at the Olympic Games

THW suspend welfare payments for those who test positive for drugs

THW always hold the Olympic Games in developing nations

THW legalise euthanasia

THW require all parents to attend parenting classes

THS the use of local content quotas in broadcasting

THW ban cosmetic surgery

THW raise the retirement age

THW ban all betting on sport

THW force solo parents on the dole with school aged children to seek paid work

THW impose a tax on fast food

THW impose harsher penalties on celebrity criminals

THW re-introduce the death penalty

THW ban religious schools

THB the Rugby World Cup is a waste of money

THW broadcast equal hours of mens and womens sport on television

THW give parents a vote on behalf of their children

THW reinstate the youth wage

THBT doctors should report evidence of domestic abuse to the police

THW suspend the welfare payments of problem gamblers

THW abolish salary caps in sport

THW make blood donation compulsory

THW punish parents for the crimes of their children

THW enforce ethnic quotas in the police

THW abolish the minimum wage

THS whaling

THW enforce compulsory military service

THW ban boxing

THS child labour

THW treat children as if they were adults under the criminal law

THW ban media organisations from broadcasting the recordings of terrorists

THBT celebrities are more effective than governments in saving the environment

THS a work for the dole scheme

THW allow the use of torture

THBT employers should be allowed to randomly drug test employees

THW make Auckland the capital city

THW ban animal testing

THW pay teachers based on their performance

THBT parents should be able to choose the sex of their baby

THW abolish school zoning

THW abolish parole

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