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Past Regionals and WSDC Motions

THBT socially progressive movements in democratic countries should seek social change through the judiciary rather than the legislature

THS the partition of Iraq into three states: one for each of the Sunni, Shia, and Kurdish peoples

THW ban alternative medicines

THS the establishment of exclusive schools for LGBT students

THB Obama has betrayed the legacy of the Nobel Peace Prize

THR the commercialisation of indigenous art

THW not prosecute individuals for minor crimes committed during protests of deaths of minorities at the hands of police officers

THW televise all major criminal trials

THBT the income tax of individuals should be based on the wealth of their parents

That socially progressive individuals should boycott companies whose senior management express socially conservative views

That the news and entertainment media should not depict the full horrors of war

That there should be gender quotas in the police force

That we should legalise performance enhancing drugs in sports

That government medical treatment should not be provided to individuals whose health problems are the result of them knowingly engaging in risky activities

That we regret the rise of social media charity and activism campaigns

That governments should heavily subsidise tertiary education in science, technology and engineering at the expense of humanities and the arts

That we should ban private funding of political parties and replace it with a publicly funded system

That children should have a financial obligation to support their parents when they retire

THW not prosecute people for file-sharing entertainment media on the internet

THB political party leaders should be elected by party members, not MPs

THW ban all forms of gambling

THW subsidise traditional print, radio and TV media in response to the rise of online media

TH prefers elected Islamists to military dictatorships for the Arab World

THW tie parents’ welfare payments to their children’s health and education outcomes

THB the NZ Rugby Union should remove its current ban on overseas based New Zealanders playing for the All Blacks

THW require both parents to take equal amounts of parental leave

THW remove all restrictions on immigration from impoverished countries to developed countries.

THW make Te Reo Maori a compulsory subject in all New Zealand schools

THW make beneficiaries use a payment card which could only be used for essential items

THB punishment should never be an aim of the justice system

THW re-elect Barack Obama

THW end all funding for high performance sport

THB politicians should lead, not follow, public opinion

THW privatise all state-owned enterprises

THB people should have to pass a political literacy test to be able to vote

THW reintroduce a youth minimum wage

THW compel doctors to report suspected cases of domestic violence to the police

THB New Zealand should become a republic

THW impose trade sanctions on nations that refuse to take action on climate change

THB the possession of drugs for personal use should not be a crime

THW offer amnesty to dictators who step down

THBT New Zealand needs Don Brash

THW privatise prisons

THB Turkey should join the European Union

THW legalise voluntary euthanasia

THS free tertiary education

THBT developing countries should be exempt from measures to combat climate change

THB the Maori Party is good for New Zealand politics

THW ban all forms of alcohol advertising

THW means-test superannuation

THW abolish trial by jury

THS global nuclear disarmament

THW prevent skilled migrants emigrating from the developing world to the developed world

THB fertility treatment is a choice, not a right

THW never recognise governments which take power through military coup

THW make citizens initiated referenda binding on government

THB New Zealand should elect its MPs through FPP rather than MMP

THW force large companies to adopt a quota for women in senior positions

THW use military action to overthrow the Burmese junta

THS public, rather than private, ownership of utility companies

THW force journalists to reveal their sources

THW only give international aid to developing nations on the condition of reforms to women’s rights

THW ban religious ceremonies in state schools

THB assassination is a legitimate tool of foreign policy

THW establish a sex offender registry

THW extradite to people to face the death penalty

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