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Senior Moot Bank

THW make Maori a compulsory language class at high school

THW ban zoos

THW boycott the Winter Olympics in Russia to protest Russia’s gay rights abuses

THW ban schools from poaching students from other schools for sports teams

TH supports the indefinite detention of individuals in the interest of public safety

THW provide welfare payments as goods and services rather than money

THW require all prospective parents to obtain a licence before having children

THW make it compulsory to vaccinate your child

THW use financial incentives to encourage men to become teachers

TH applauds the rise of songs by female pop artists that glorify assertive female sexuality

THW impose a 100% tax on inheritances

THW impose a tax on physical attractiveness

THW abolish the Maori seat

THW invade Syria

THW fund a commercial free public broadcasting channel

THW raise taxes on alcohol

THB when doctors discover a patient has a STD, they should reveal that information to the patient’s partner

THW allow prisoners to serve in the military for reduced sentences

THB we should rewrite fairy tales with the aim of correcting gender stereotypes

THW prevent parents raising their children in a singular faith

THW vote National over Labour in the 2014 election

THW prevent the media from reporting on mass shootings

THB it is legitimate for the military to overthrow elected leaders that have lost the support of their people

THW select the leaders of political parties through a vote of party members

THB Kim Dotcom has been good for New Zealand politics

THB Disney should make its next princess a lesbian

THW decriminalise and encourage graffiti art in public places

In areas with high teenage pregnancy rates, THW pay teenagers not to get pregnant

That students should not use Facebook

That advertising during kids television shows should be banned

That a significant excise tax should be placed on all soft drinks

That parents whose children are grossly obese should be prosecuted for child abuse

That posing for Playboy is immoral

That the state should be liable for the injuries and death of homeless people

That Islamic countries that allow women to drive should openly condemn countries who don’t

That sober passengers should be made criminally responsible for drunk drivers

That we should pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child’s performance in school

That beneficiaries should be prohibited from entering casinos

That corporations should have a vote in general elections

That citizen initiated referenda should be binding

That tertiary education should be free

That separate schools for intellectually disabled students should be banned

THB that mentally disabled children should be educated in separate schools

THW militarily intervene in Syria

THW always hold the Olympic Games in developing nations

THS incentive payments to beneficiaries whose children perform well at school

THW ban all private political campaign donations

THB children should owe financial obligations to their parents when they retire

THB single sex schools are better than co-ed schools

THW prevent animals from being used in sport and entertainment

THW compel doctors to report evidence of domestic violence to the police

THW deduct competition points from sporting teams when their players are found guilty of racism

THW prevent critical services from striking

THS the sale of state assets

THB that Wiki Leaks has done more harm than good

THW make the Emergency Contraceptive Pill free

THS a language test for new migrants

THW ban wearing the Hijab in public

THW ban denial of the Holocaust

THW fire all political leaders involved in sex scandals

THB adulterers should lose their rights to marital property

THW ban abortion at all stages of pregnancy

THW allow prisoners to raise their children from behind bars

THW establish a Kurdish state

THW ban celebrities from participating in political campaigns

THBT governments should refuse to pay ransom to pirates

THW require consumer products to display their carbon footprint

THBT cultural treasures should be returned to their country of origin

THBT parents should have a vote on behalf of their children

THW grant the state the exclusive rights to make decisions on behalf of the mentally ill

THBT the Bain trial has been a waste of taxpayers’ money

THS the assassination of foreign leaders as a tool of foreign policy

THS surrogacy for profit

THBT sporting bodies should penalise teams when players commit criminal acts off the field

THBT the international community should provide material support to the Iranian opposition

THW force New Zealand to accept climate change refugees

THS Kosovar independence

THBT New Zealand political parties should be funded by the state

THW deny entry to immigrants with serious health issues

THW ban weapons sales to third world countries

THS open entry into University

THW end Government funding of competitive sports

THW punish schools who poach students from other schools

THS Guantanamo Bay

THW offer criminals sentenced to life imprisonment without parole the option of the death penalty

THS streaming in high schools

THW ban alternative medicines

THW assassinate dictators who commit human rights abuses

THW subsidise plastic surgery for the abnormally ugly

THB people with higher education should have more votes in general elections

THW impose import taxes on imported goods which are produced unethically

THW prohibit loan sharks from making loans to borrowers at very high interest rates

THS a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities

THS binding Citizens Initiated Referendums

THW remove all restrictions on genetically modified foods

THW prohibit price gouging after natural disasters

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